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Spelling Error in Queue

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This was fixed previously but it looks like with the new upgrade it's returned. 

When you click on a song that has been already added to the playlist, the popup window misspells already as 'allready' in the message "Is allready in the playlist"

04-30-2017 01:11
It looks like you are running an old version of the DC or you have replaced your language file with your own.

In current version of DC it says "Is already in the playlist".

Best regards

04-30-2017 09:15
Rick, this is a new download/install from the site about 2 weeks ago after I upgraded to Windows 10. 
I haven't altered the language file & when I try updating in Admin it says 'your software is up to date'. 

Any idea what's going on?

04-30-2017 15:55
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