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Need new License key please

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Had to replace motherboard in my jukebox please send me a key replacement please.
04-02-2017 16:19
E-mailed support 
04-04-2017 18:40
You have to wait for the support to answer.
04-07-2017 05:59
How long is the guy supposed to wait?  I have been looking at various commercial software offerings, I have also tried the evaluation copy of zenpoint, it seems straightforward in it's composition and reasonably priced too in my view.  Does support respond directly to a request such as this, or through this forum?  This isn't the only post asking for help like this - my problem is it appears there is little response from support, unless as I say, they respond privately, if so, that ain't good either because it appears he's being ignored - over 2 months since he posted.

I like the look of zenpoint but I won't buy unless I know there is at least reasonable backup there.

04-20-2017 14:44
Took a week to receive the replacement license so all good. 
Can highly recommend this software have purchased a few times for other machines and have asked for 
a replacement before and had no problem getting one.
Just be aware if you have to reinstall windows for any reason ie hard drive fall or replacing the motherboard 
like i had to you will have to get your licence replaced.
04-20-2017 20:17
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