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Program fails to run

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I'm having a problem getting Media Center to run on my PC. When I was checking out the program before I bought it I ran it just fine on my Windows 10 PC but I don't want to use my personal machine for the jukebox so I bought an Azulle Access Plus – Fanless Mini PC Stick. The program installed ok but when I try to run it it crashes and I get a window that just says the program failed to run. I've tried it in every compatibility mode from XP to Windows 8.1 and it still fails to run. I have removed it and cleaned the machine of any trace and reinstalled it and I get the same thing. I've got a little invested in this and I would really like to get it running since I've already paid for it having tested it on my own machine first.

Azulle Access Plus – Fanless Mini PC Stick
64- bit Quad Core Intel Atom CherryTrail processor
2 gig RAM
Windows 10 Home edition
02-25-2017 03:12
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