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04-07-2016 13:10

I thought i read on here that MP4 was ok for video, only loaded for me after changing file to avi. Do I need to change all my video files or has anyone got another way ?

04-07-2016 13:16
 Had to change all my videos to avi to play in video center and mp4 will play in movie center.
01-17-2017 02:45
its funny you asked Tonym because I was just having the same issue. I loaded 800 music videos into zenpoint and all mp4 type videos would not play. that's about 80% of my videos, so now I have to figure out the best way to change them all to avi or mkv.
01-17-2017 05:05
MP4 and MKV are pretty much the same thing. You may be able to just rename the files with the MKV extension.
02-19-2017 17:15
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