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30 seconds only

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I currently have the trial version of this software before I spend money on a license. It's looking really good, however at the moment, when I'm playing songs it will only play the first 30-40 seconds of each song before going on to the next.

Is this a feature of the trial version only, or is mine bugged?

09-13-2015 15:51
Hello ChrisR,

Turn to page 47 of the manual:
Trial version / Limited edition If you are running the DigitalCenter as a trial version, you are able to run the DigitalCenter 7 days. In the trial version you will see a watermark “Limited edition” at the top of your screen. Limitations When you are using a trial version, you are able to run all features inside the DigitalCenter, but your medias will only play 25% of the duration. If you play a radio station this will only play for 2 minutes. 

09-13-2015 19:53
Thanks Edwin, I'd hoped that this was the case.
09-17-2015 18:59
I bought the full version of ZenPoint and I'm having trouble with playing the full songs, seems like they play for 30 seconds only. Any idea why this is happening? I've have tried looking for options in administration and manual and no luck.
03-11-2017 10:13
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