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Touch stops working

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Hi guys,

I have installed DC on an Asus ET2210 AIO PC and everything works great - until I leave the screen untouched for about 10 minuts. Then DC suddenly doesn't respond to the touchscreen anymore. The music plays on and I can see that the touchscreen itself "feel" the touch, but DC do not. The only way to solve the problem is by pressing the esc-key on the physical keyboard, exit DC and start it up again - then every works again (for a while...!).

I've tried to disable the screensaver function (it only shows a black screen  on the primary monitor, when using multiple monitors anyway!), but without any change.

Can anyone help me fix the problem? Any ideas Rich?

08-25-2015 14:03
Hello Kristian,

Sorry, I have no similar issue but will try to help you.

I'm afraid you will have to find the problem in de PC (Windows settings, hardware or drivers). You can still attach a mouse besides the keyboard. Does the mouse and DC respond after leaving the PC untouched for 10 minutes? How can you see that the touchscreen itself feels the touch? Try updating the touchscreen driver or recalibrate the touchscreen. You can also try to change the power savings options, that might be the problem here.


08-26-2015 12:52
Hi Edwin

Thanks for uour reply. I don't think that the prblem is with the computer, because the touchscreen is still responding when i experience problem (I can see this because the screen changes colour slightly on the spot i'm touching, like it normally does) and I only need to restart the DC software, not the computer, to fix the problem.

The strange thing is, that when I used the computer last night and left DC alone for about a half hour - it still worked! So I guess I'll keep an eye on it for a while a see if the problem emerges again or it has magically resolved itself. 

08-27-2015 16:42
Possibly a memory issue? 
You said you tried to disable the screensaver. My guess is power settings set to put the computer to sleep after x minutes and an issue with hibernation and memory
My suggestion, disable screen turning off and disable sleep
09-19-2015 06:12
Hi Everyone,

I am experiencing the exact same issue with the non-responsive touch screen.  I can add further to this post that touching the "HOME" button always works even though the rest of the touch screen button are unresponsive.  Once I touch the "HOME" button and then get back into Music Center the buttons all start working again.  If this were a sleep issue the "HOME" button wouldn't respond either.  

I have also emailed support on this today but I was glad to see that I was not the only one experiencing this non-responsive touch-screen issue.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
10-07-2015 00:55
Hello Everyone,

I believe I have fixed my issue of the non-responsive touch screen.  I had to go into DC Administration and uncheck the touchscreen (no mouse) option.  Once I disabled this option the non-responsive touch screen issues went away.  

Hopefully Kristian who started this posting can try this and see if he has the same results a I did.

Hope this helps anyone that has run into this issue.  I'm not sure what the touchscreen (no mouse) option is supposed to do but disabling this option has allowed my touchscreen to start working again.

10-13-2015 03:41
One more update...

It would appear that using the "stretch" option on a widescreen monitor also contributes to the non-responsive touch screen issue.  I have a 16:9 touch screen monitor and having the stretch setting enabled causes the touch screen to become non-responsive.  Hopefully others could confirm that this is the case?  It appears that the Zenpoint interface has been optimized for a 4:3 display so the sides of a widescreen monitor go unused.   Are there any plans for  future development to optimize the interface for widescreen?
11-07-2015 14:13
I have the same issue and none of these options seem to work! Not good when your at a wedding farye.
02-01-2016 11:29
Did every update possible and now works. 
02-08-2016 18:03
Anyone heard of the computer restarting when touchscreen is used after been left idle ,this is happening in 2 computrs and i hve no graphics card,the sceen just goes black and sometimes the dreaded blue screen.dont mean to hijack the thread but seeing as ur talking about touchscreens maby someone can help.Cheers

Anthony Kirwan
11-15-2016 21:49
Hello everyone.  So I have now finally found the culprit for the non-responsive touch screen.  To resolve this issue once and for all go into Windows device manager and expand the HID devices and select the first USB input device.  Right-click the USB input device and choose properties.  Inside the properties window click the power management tab.  Uncheck the "turn off this device to save power" option.  Now the touch screen won't keep going to sleep!  I also did this for any other USB input device listed in the HID section of the device manager.  Problem solved!

This drove me nuts for over a year!  Just made this discovery last night.  I left the jukebox playing overnight and it's still responsive at my first touch after 8 hours of inactivity.

I hope this helps anyone else that has been having this issue.
12-31-2016 14:37
Great! I was close with my answer but would not directly search it in USB drivers.
12-31-2016 17:09
Touchscreen non responsive again!!  Only with Zenpoint thou??  Help..
05-08-2017 19:29
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